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About Us

Did you Know: the farm name is constructed using the name of our two children; William & Angelika

It's our farm; it's our story

David Gagné & Joanna Jakubowska, started Ferme Willika on May 04, 2021.

“We always loved agriculture, knowing that one day it will be more present in family life. The perfect opportunity presented itself when the pandemic started, that’s where we decided to turn our passion into a business.”

Leaving the corporate life and becoming full time urban farmers was the beginning of a new adventure. Combining passion for agriculture with David’s business management background and Joanna’s marketing background, they turned their garage into a growing facility. Few months later they acquired a trailer that was entirely transformed to a growing space! Both growing spaces are design to be eco-responsible; Water filtration systems, Air circulators and purificators, all the earth is composted and reused in the vegetable gardens, microgreens scraps are also donated to local chicken owners!

Since the facility is indoors the microgreens are sold all year long. There are over 15 different varieties distributed in many grocery stores, restaurants, and small cafes in Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Montreal and surrounding areas. Each package is freshly cut the day before the delivery, this allows our local stores to have a fresh product week after week.

 Photo: Luana Graham-Sauvé / Les Aromates

“We are a family Farm where kids are learning all about the wonderful benefits of microgreens & helping in their own way in various tasks. To all our family and friends that helped us along the way and those that are still helping a big thank you!”

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

250 +
Families we can feed/week
Not a moment of life is wasted on a farm!
We do not just produce food; we learn, teach and there’s nothing more special than providing food for other families.

Certified Products

We deal with various quality organic microgreen seeds!

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